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I offer a mix of class types including an introductory/fundamentals course, focused on decompression and stretching, a more gentle, restorative session, and a strength training class to give you a burn.

Private sessions available upon request.  Send a message here to schedule!

Beginners antigravity yoga/fitness class where we will go through the fundamentals, and build trust with the hammock and yourself. To fly you must first be willing to let go!  This class includes poses which will decompress your spine through inversions and floating stretches in the antigravity hammock.

All levels welcome.

Restorative class for deep relaxation and gentle stretching/mobility exercises.  This class will use the AntiGravity hammock for floating meditation in a womb-like pod, to flow through some gentle stretches and joint mobility exercises, get targeted deep tissue massage, and relax into poses for spinal decompression.  Inversions, as always, are completely optional.


All levels welcome.

We will use the antigravity hammock to assist in strength training that is guaranteed to give you a full body burn! Intermixed with targeted reps, we will get to relax into inversions which decompress the spine, and get some amazing floating stretches to build those long lean muscles!

All levels welcome, although a fundamentals class is recommended first.

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