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AntiGravity Strength

Class Description

We will use the antigravity hammock to assist in strength training that is guaranteed to give you a full body burn! The hammock provides amazing resistance training, and allows your body a much wider range of motion than you get on the ground. Intermixed with targeted reps, we will get to relax into inversions which decompress the spine, and get some amazing floating stretches to build those long lean muscles! It is strongly recommended to wear clothing that covers your armpits and legs. Form-fitting cotton blends are best (non-slippery). No jewelry. It is recommend to not eat a large meal within the hour before class. Remember - you'll be upside down! All levels welcome, although a fundamentals class is recommended first. Classes are limited to 6 students, pre-registration is recommended. Upcoming classes are currently being booked directly through Starborn Wellness at the link below.

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